Going Under

Slower than a speeding bullet, smaller than an Optimist, able to float a person bigger than she is… No, this is not a boat for juniors, in fact, only experienced sailors need apply. – Cape Cod Frosty org

With a blurp like this, one would think it is a cake tin with a handkerchief fixed to a broom handle.  NO, it might not look like it, but the Cape Cod Frosty is boat for the experienced sailor and sails fastest with the bow almost submerged.

The Cape Cod Frosty was designed in 1984 by Tom Leach, the Harobour Master of Harwich.  At 1.93 meters, you can load it on your roofrack, back of your bakkie and go sailing on small bodies of water or at your local club.

I wonder if any have been build in South Africa.

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