GLYC Sunday Sailing

A strong, gusty south westerly provided the sailing conditions at the start of proceedings for George Lakes Yacht Club on Sunday on Island Lake, but this faded as the afternoon progressed. Three races could be completed, but a shorter course was set for the third race. Attendance is still low currently, with school exams on the go. The results show that there were 5 boats in the junior fleet and 9 boats in the senior fleet. However, three are the same – three novice Laser 4.7’s sailed in the junior fleet in races 1 and 3 and ventured into the senior fleet for race 2. The senior fleet comprised Lasers and one Dabchick, the junior fleet comprised an Optimist, a Dabchick and the Laser 4.7s.

Sunday Sailing at GLYC
Michael Colyn sailing ahead of Wayvern Carelse on an upwind leg


The senior fleet was headed by the Lasers of Henry Paine, John Marc Olivier and Malcolm Osborne. These three arrived at the first mark of the first race together, Olivier lead on the down wind legs. Paine had an unfortunate capsize to put him out of the running. Osborne and Olivier traded the lead several times during the race, but Osborne took the lead near the end, with Olivier a close second. In race two, it was Paine who took the lead to finish well ahead, with Olivier and Osborne fighting it out for second place. Osborne took the lead up the 2nd beat to finish in 2nd place. In race three it was Olivier’s turn to take the lead, which he was able to hold to the end. It was then Paine and Osborne dicing for 2nd place. Osborne capsized at the last mark to allow Paine to take the 2nd place comfortably.

Sailing at GLYC
Part of GLYC racing fleet soon after the start of one of the races held on Sunday


In the junior fleet’s first race, first to finis

h was the Laser 4.7 of Michael Colyn, ahead of the similar boat Devon Dennis. However class handicaps gave the race win to the Optimist of Eurios Horne, relegating the Lasers to 2nd and 3rd. In the 2nd race, the Optimist was the only boat competing in this fleet. In race 3, the Optimist didn’t sail, leaving it to the Lasers and a Dabchick to race. The Laser 4.7s of Wayvern Carelse and Devon Dennis had the lead, but went off course near the end, allowing Michael Colyn to take the race win, Carelse in 2nd and Dennis 3rd. They were ahead of the Dabchick sailed by Mluleke Ngwane.

Wilderness Sailing
Brian Musto and Wayvern Carelse coming down the reach in a strong gust in the first race on Sunday


Overall, in the senior fleet, there is a three way tie on points, with Paine, Olivier and Osborne each scoring¬† a first, second and third in the three races These races count for the Sothebys Trophy, the final outcome of which will be decided in the final round in February. The junior fleet’s races count for the season long Junior Championships.

Sunday Sailing
Mluleki Ngwane tried his hand at sailing Dabchick on Sunday

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