Phoenix Projects

We here at Johnnie Sailor believe there is still a lot of life left in some of the sad boats we see neglected, forgotten and rotting away in boat parks.  Therefore all the boats we sail have been found in boat parks and back gardens brought back to life.


Refurbish or Restore a boat.


It is sort of the same principle as Adopt a Rescue Dog, but with boats.  We have had endless fun and rewards in restoring these old sailing dinghies and seeing them sail again.

Phoenix Projects Mantra

Restore Reuse Resail Boat restoration



We believe by restoring the old boats, we are not recycling, but rather continuing the life cycle of the boat.


Our latest restored sailboat – EXTRA #202


Extra Dinghy #202


Extra Dinghy Phoenix Projects


We are currently looking for a donor GP14 or Wayfarer for our next dinghy restore project.  Contact us if you might know of a boat rotting away somewhere.


Please Note:  We are not against buying new sailboats or sail ready second hand boats. Restoring boats are just our passion.

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