Vasco Da Gama front runner heads for East London

As we logged on to GIMCO tracking early morning to see how the leader board has changed during the night in the Vasco da Gama Offshore Regatta, we were surprised to see the front runner heading to East London.

Yes Girl has Retired due to steering gear that broke and leaving the field open for Al Mount Gay Rum and Bellatrix to battle it out for 1st.

Vasco da Gama Offshore REgatta - Al Mount Gay Rum, Bellatrix

And it all seemed so uneventful and straightforward, until news of the big drama of the day came in early this evening. Pedal to the metal all day, pushing harder than a body builder on steroids, the race leader on the water and on IRC, Yes Girl, looked like a sure bet for anyone’s money. Push anything to the limit and sometimes something’s gotta give, and in this case it seems that the steering gear on Yes Girl was that thing. The resultant wipe out claimed the spinnaker pole. Truly a devastating blow for this crew who have sailed an exceptional race to date. They are now heading for East London to effect repairs and are sadly out of the running. Keen followers of the YB tracker might have suspected something was amiss by her course and heading late this afternoon. ~ Exert from Vasco da Gama FB Page

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