GP14 Worlds

The GP14 Worlds were held in Barbados this year and I must say, we at Johnnie Sailor are envious of the sailors getting to sail there beloved GP14 in this magical place.

GP14 Worlds Barbados

GP 14 Worlds Results HERE

The GP14 was designed in 1949 by legend designer Jack Holt and the GP14 (General Purpose 14 foot dinghy) was soon used more for racing in South Africa than the general purpose she was designed for.  With a genoa, main and spinnaker, she was the perfect racer for somehow looking for a boat a bit more challenging and bigger than the Iconic Mirror.  Over 14000 of these sturdy racers where built and today they are sailed mainly in Uk and Australia.

For a class that is seen as being around for ages, they still have a very active following and membership.  Keeping the class alive and installing excitement with the younger sailors with the use of various social media platforms.  Their Youtube Channel and Facebook Page is bustling with activity




It is sad to  see a class, that was once so active in South Africa, slowly dying. The bulk of the remaining fleet is in Gauteng with a small cluster of GP14’s at GLYC, the club that once had a vibrant GP14 race fleet.


Can this class the resurrected in South Africa with the help of some passionate GP14 members and Social Media?

We at Johnnie Sailor really hope so.


Rally the Troops – Sailors to the Rescue

We would like to make a plea to all sailors out there to let us know if they know of any neglected, forgotten and unused GP14s rotting away somewhere.  Johnnie Sailor would like to find them new homes and use one as part of our Phoenix Projects.        

Contact us at


More History HERE


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